We're a fast-paced team focused on creative solutions that solve problems.

At our core, we were founded by two friends out of a garage. The same scrappy tendencies were core to our beginning and drive our continued growth.
10 +
Team members ready to tackle your problems.
Customers served.
Hours of video.
Why Square Waves?
Square waves occur where two wave systems meet, forming a square-like appearance on the water's surface. While beautiful to behold, they can be highly disruptive to anything on the seafloor. We picked our name because it speaks to us at the core. We are disrupting the industry and making it look beautiful while we do it.
Have passion & be proactive.
It's about bringing a positive and proactive approach to everything you do.
Take ownership.
Taking ownership means going beyond simply completing assigned tasks.
Be positive & collaborative.
Collaboration thrives on open communication, mutual respect, and a willingness to share ideas.
Always grow.
Continuous learning ensures you stay adaptable and innovative.
Deliver beyond expectations.
Your focus is on exceeding, not just meeting, client expectations.
Our team.
We hire based on our core values and seek unique perspectives and areas of genius.
Co Founder - Operations & Delivery
Dominic Iovinelli
Co Founder - Revenue & Sales
Jen Strojin
Strategic Advisor & Board Member
Ian Mlsna
Project Manager
Isabella Porter
Account Executive
Sean McCarthy
Jake Barth
Digital Solutions
Meagan Wersching
Digital Marketing Specialist
Sam Early
Joe Munier
Our journey.

The garage.

It began in an apartment garage, mid-COVID.

Ray & Dom were roommates both working corporate jobs. After a few side ventures together they decided to go all in on Square Waves, setting up shop in the garage. Founded as an IT Consulting and Marketing Agency. The founders spent time cold calling and getting their first leads.


We got an office (maybe a little early).

Once the client list grew, Ray and Dom decided to check out some office space to "dream". They left their first showing with a lease agreement. With 1st months rent on hand. The office saga began.

Finding our footing.

It was time to make this office our home and grow.

For the next 4 weeks, we bribed friends with pizza and beer to help us set up tabes, chairs, TV's, and monitors. The place looked fantastic. It was finally time to take over the world.


Demand grew, and so did our team.

We quickly realized we were carving out a market that was not touched by many. Helping small/mid sized B2B companies get more business through digital solutions. Our client list expanded rapidly and so did our team.


New office, team of 10 and servicing customers across the country!

Today, our team is 10 strong with an aim to be at 50 within the next 2 years. We continue to provide quality work and foster a positive working environment. The best part, we are just getting started.

Current opportunities.
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