Haumiller Engineering
South Elgin
Manufacturing Automation


Haumiller Engineering, renowned for its precision manufacturing solutions, faced a pivotal challenge. Despite their esteemed reputation and unique position as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company, they struggled to effectively communicate their story and value proposition in the digital realm. This limitation hindered their ability to attract top talent and engage potential clients effectively.

The problem.

Haumiller's digital invisibility was becoming increasingly detrimental in an era where online presence defines brand perception. Recognizing the need to elevate their digital footprint for both talent acquisition and client engagement, they sought a partner capable of understanding their unique culture and business needs.

Square Waves’ strategic solution.

In partnership with Haumiller, Square Waves embarked on a mission to redefine Haumiller's digital identity and marketing strategy. Our initial step was to deeply understand Haumiller's ethos, strengths, and market positioning. Through collaborative discussions and strategic analysis, we unearthed Haumiller's unique differentiators and devised a comprehensive plan to showcase them to the world.

Our solution encompassed:
  • A brand refresh that resonated with both potential clients and prospective employees.
  • The development of a modern, user-friendly website that accurately reflected Haumiller's innovative solutions and ESOP culture.
  • The production of an engaging video narrative that captured Haumiller's essence and communicated their story effectively.
  • The establishment of an ongoing Marketing Team Program, providing Haumiller with continuous support in content creation, design, and strategic marketing efforts.

Execution and impact.

The execution of this multifaceted strategy marked a turning point for Haumiller. The new website and video content significantly enhanced Haumiller's digital presence, attracting attention from prospects and top-tier talent alike. The clear articulation of their vision and values led to an immediate tenfold increase in prospect engagement and significantly improved their talent acquisition process.

Ongoing partnership for continued success.

Beyond the initial project's success, Square Waves transitioned into Haumiller's outsourced marketing department, ensuring a dynamic and responsive approach to their marketing needs. Our comprehensive support includes monthly content development, design services, strategic planning, and more, fostering Haumiller's growth and enhancing their market position continuously.


The collaboration between Haumiller Engineering and Square Waves exemplifies the transformative power of a strategic partnership. By addressing the critical need for a pronounced digital presence and articulating Haumiller's unique story, Square Waves has propelled Haumiller into a new era of digital engagement and market leadership. This case study not only highlights the challenges faced by traditional industries in the digital landscape but also showcases the profound impact of tailored marketing solutions on brand visibility, talent acquisition, and business growth.

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