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Revolutionizing Event Management: The Tastations and Square Waves Success Story

Client overview.

Tastations is an innovative company that orchestrates tasting sessions in retail locations like Binnys, bridging the gap between alcohol distributors and consumers. They specialize in coordinating alcohol products, staffing hosts for tasting events, and managing subsequent reporting and billing for their clients.

Challenge: inefficient manual processes.

Since its inception, Tastations faced significant operational challenges due to its reliance on manual processes. The company's staff manually assigned contacts, generated reports, and managed invoicing, which not only consumed substantial time but also increased the risk of errors. With the company's growth trajectory, the workload became unsustainable, necessitating the hiring of additional personnel to manage the increasing administrative burden.

Solution: the Tastations Event Management System (TEMS) by Square Waves.

Square Waves introduced TEMS, a comprehensive, custom-coded solution designed to address Tastations’ operational challenges through automation and streamlined processes. This robust system encompasses a suite of functionalities tailored to Tastations’ needs:

  • Event Creation and Management: Tastations employees can now effortlessly create and manage events, specifying crucial details such as date, location, and additional notes in a user-friendly form.
  • Host Assignment and Profiles: Employees have the capability to assign hosts either from a list of interested candidates or directly by using an email address. Hosts can sign up, express their interest in events, and manage their profiles, enhancing engagement and efficiency.
  • Analytics and Reporting: A powerful analytics dashboard allows employees to view and filter event listings, providing insights and statistics that align with existing reporting practices. Additionally, TEMS supports the generation of event summary webpages and PDF reports, mirroring the functionality of traditional JotForm submissions but with added efficiency and security.
  • Invoice Management and Approval: The system facilitates the approval of invoice submissions and editing of invoice details, streamlining the billing process. Employees can also mark invoices as paid and manage unpaid invoice listings, ensuring financial oversight.
  • Security and Accessibility Enhancements: Implementing profile authentication and employee profiles ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive features and information, bolstering TEMS’ security and operational integrity.
  • Host Event Notifications via Email: Automates communication by sending email notifications to hosts regarding event assignments and updates, ensuring hosts are informed and engaged.
  • Event Information Web Pages: Offers detailed pages for each event, including date, time, location, venue, and notes for hosts and employees. This centralizes event information, making it easily accessible.
  • Data Export to PDFs: Facilitates the exportation of event data and reports into PDF format, simplifying the process of sharing information with clients or for internal record-keeping purposes.

Results: operational excellence and scalability.

The implementation of TEMS has significantly reduced manual workload, saving over 2,000 hours annually in manual data entry and processing. The system’s intuitive interface and automated processes have streamlined event management, host assignment, and reporting, leading to improved operational efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

Ongoing partnership and future enhancements.

The success of TEMS marks the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between Square Waves and Tastations, with plans to continuously refine the system and introduce new features to support Tastations’ evolving needs and growth aspirations.

A benchmark for industry innovation.

The Tastations Event Management System (TEMS) stands as a testament to Square Waves’ capability to deliver tailored technological solutions that address specific operational challenges. This case study exemplifies how custom automation and strategic planning can transform manual, labor-intensive processes into streamlined, efficient operations, setting a new standard for the industry.

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