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Bulkmatic, a leader in the bulk material transportation sector, embarked on a transformative journey to overhaul their website, www.bulkmatic.com. This ambitious project was more than a mere aesthetic upgrade; it entailed the integration of a dynamic job filtering system, an advanced routing mechanism for form submissions, and an interactive map showcasing over 50 locations, all designed to enhance both user experience and operational efficiency.


  1. Website Redesign: Implement a modern design with improved user engagement.
  2. Dynamic Job Filtering Integration: Automate the process of updating and filtering job listings from Tenstreet's JSON feed.
  3. Smart Form Submission Routing: Develop a system for directing form submissions to appropriate team members based on content.
  4. Interactive Map Integration: Create an interactive map feature that allows users to filter Bulkmatic’s locations by type.
  5. Engaging Visual Content Creation: Produce high-quality videos and imagery for a compelling visual narrative.


  • Seamless Data Integration: Efficiently processing job listings from a dynamic JSON feed and ensuring the website reflects up-to-date information.
  • Intuitive User Experience: Designing user-friendly interfaces for job filtering and location mapping.
  • Effective Form Routing: Creating a reliable system to categorize and route form submissions accurately.
  • Consistent Branding with Visuals: Crafting visual content that resonates with Bulkmatic's brand ethos.


  1. Dynamic Job Filtering System:
  2. Implemented a scheduled GET request to consistently fetch new job listings from Tenstreet’s JSON feed.
  3. Created logic for real-time comparison and updating of job postings on the Webflow site.
  4. Established a user-centric job filtering interface, enhancing the job-seeking experience.

Jobs were coming into Bulkmatic like this - we then had to query these jobs at a set time per day and filter and push to site

The end result

Intelligent form submission routing.

  1. Developed a logic-based system to automatically direct form submissions to relevant team members, improving response efficiency.

Interactive location map.

  1. Integrated an interactive map showcasing over 50 Bulkmatic locations.
  2. Enabled filtering functionality within the map, allowing users to sort locations by specific types, enhancing the navigational experience.

Website redesign.

  1. Adopted a contemporary design strategy focusing on accessibility and responsive design.
  2. Prioritized a seamless user journey with intuitive navigation and content structure.

Custom content production.

  1. Generated professional-grade videos and images, encapsulating the essence of Bulkmatic’s services.
  2. Strategically placed visual content throughout the site to captivate users and elevate the brand narrative.


  • Enhanced User Interaction: The redesign and integration of advanced features resulted in increased user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Operations: The combination of the dynamic job filter, smart form routing, and interactive mapping optimized both recruitment and operational workflows.
  • Elevated Brand Image: The bespoke visual content and interactive features significantly boosted Bulkmatic’s market presence and brand perception.

Bulkmatic’s website transformation exemplifies how digital innovation can be leveraged to revitalize business operations and enrich customer experience. The integration of dynamic job listing updates, intelligent form routing, and interactive location mapping, complemented by high-quality visual content, establishes Bulkmatic as a forward-thinking player in the bulk material transport industry, setting a benchmark in digital excellence.

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