PEAK Construction's Office Project Display

PEAK Construction

Project overview.

PEAK Construction recently moved into their new office and wanted to invest in branded walls and televisions. Their goal was to showcase the impressive array of projects they had completed over the past 25+ years. They needed a creative solution to display this content effectively across nine different screens throughout the office.

Project scope.

  • Total screens: 9
  • Projects showcased: 200+
  • Content type: Drone footage, photos, and videos accumulated over the years.


  1. Content compilation: Gathering and organizing a vast amount of project footage from various sources and formats.
  2. Strategic display: Deciding what content should be showcased on each screen to maximize impact and coherence.
  3. Custom editing: Editing and tailoring the content to fit the specific dimensions and purposes of each screen.
  4. Motion graphics and animations: Creating custom motion graphics and animations to enhance the visual appeal and storytelling of the project showcases.

Our approach.

  1. Strategy development:
    • Conducted a thorough analysis to determine the best content for each screen.
    • Collaborated with PEAK Construction to understand their vision and objectives.
  2. Content compilation and editing:
    • Gathered all project footage, including drone shots, photos, and videos.
    • Organized and edited the content to ensure it was visually appealing and fit the respective screens' dimensions.
  3. Custom motion graphics and animations:
    • Developed unique motion graphics and animations to bring the project showcases to life.
    • Ensured all graphics were consistent with PEAK Construction's branding and aesthetic.
  4. Implementation:
    • Installed and configured the content across all nine screens in the office.
    • Conducted final checks to ensure seamless playback and synchronization.


  • Enhanced office environment: The new office is now equipped with dynamic screens that continuously play project showcases, highlighting PEAK Construction's extensive portfolio.
  • Brand reinforcement: The branded walls and custom content reinforce PEAK Construction's identity and achievements.
  • Engaging visual experience: The custom motion graphics and animations provide an engaging visual experience for employees and visitors, effectively showcasing the company's culture and timeline.

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