Smart Source

Smart Source

Project Overview


For 27 years, Smart Source operated with a successful outbound sales team but lacked an internal marketing department, resulting in scattered collateral, inconsistent messaging, and an undefined brand identity. This fragmented approach led to suboptimal market positioning.


Smart Source adopted our Marketing Team program, entrusting us to handle their diverse marketing needs. We initiated a comprehensive strategy that encompassed several crucial elements:

  1. Collateral Redesign: Our team crafted new sales collateral, including Capabilities Decks, White Papers, and One-Pagers. These materials were strategically designed to convey Smart Source's strengths and offerings effectively.
  2. Brand Story Development: Crafting a compelling brand story was pivotal. We created a captivating narrative for their website and social media content, aiming to establish a cohesive and engaging brand identity.
  3. Sales Team Empowerment: Implementing automation tools, we equipped the sales team with efficient prospecting capabilities, streamlining their outreach efforts for improved productivity.
  4. Messaging and Positioning: Developing a coherent messaging framework, we positioned Smart Source strategically in the market, ensuring consistent and impactful communication.


The orchestrated efforts resulted in a comprehensive transformation for Smart Source:

  • New sales collateral elevated the company's presentation, enhancing communication with clients.
  • A refined brand story boosted engagement across the website and social media platforms, fostering stronger connections with the audience.
  • Automation tools empowered the sales team, driving more effective prospecting efforts and improving overall efficiency.
  • Crafting compelling messaging and positioning sharpened Smart Source's market presence, establishing a clearer and more impactful brand identity.

The combined initiatives significantly elevated Smart Source's market positioning, driving increased interest and engagement, ultimately contributing to their growth and success.

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