Project Overview


RhinoDox, an innovative Bid Management and Proposal technology platform designed for specialty contractors, faced significant challenges due to an outdated website and a lack of internal resources to develop and implement a new marketing strategy. Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, our team set out to revitalize RhinoDox's digital presence and provide the strategic marketing support they lacked.


Beyond the issues of an aging website design and unclear messaging, RhinoDox's primary hurdle was the absence of dedicated personnel to spearhead a fresh marketing strategy and its execution. This gap left RhinoDox struggling to effectively communicate its value proposition and engage with its target market, thereby impacting lead conversion and brand growth.

Strategic Partnership and Solution:

Our partnership with RhinoDox commenced with an in-depth evaluation of their existing online footprint, followed by a collaborative strategy development phase that included crafting detailed sitemaps, wireframes, and revitalized brand messaging. The Website redesign efforts were aimed at creating a user-friendly website that accurately reflected RhinoDox's cutting-edge offerings.

To address the void in marketing support, we transitioned into a comprehensive marketing team program, effectively becoming RhinoDox’s outsourced marketing department. This program covered a wide spectrum of services, from devising a robust marketing strategy to managing social media channels, creating engaging content, and leveraging animated videos to explain RhinoDox's unique benefits clearly and compellingly.


The execution phase saw the launch of a modernized website with enhanced usability and lead generation capabilities. The animated video we produced became a key tool in simplifying complex technical offerings for easy understanding by RhinoDox's target audience. With our ongoing support, RhinoDox had at its disposal a full suite of marketing services tailored to its needs, allowing for a dynamic and responsive marketing approach.


The overhaul of RhinoDox's website and the introduction of a dedicated marketing support system led to significant achievements:

  • Marked improvement in website traffic and user engagement, with a notable increase in lead conversion rates.
  • Successful repositioning of RhinoDox in the market, underscored by enhanced brand recognition among specialty contractors.
  • Establishment of a consistent and compelling online presence that fully leverages RhinoDox's innovative platform capabilities.


The strategic collaboration between RhinoDox and our team has not only revitalized the brand's digital identity but also filled a crucial gap in marketing strategy and execution. By providing RhinoDox with a dedicated, outsourced marketing team, we've empowered them to effectively communicate their unique value, engage with their target audience, and achieve sustained growth in the competitive landscape of bid management and proposal technology for specialty contractors.

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