Midway Staffing

Cody Fisher

Project Overview


Midway Staffing, a prominent staffing agency, embarked on an ambitious growth plan in 2024, aiming to expand their sales force by hiring 10 new sales representatives. To support this expansion, they recognized the need for a comprehensive sales material repository that would enable each new hire to quickly adapt and excel in their roles.


The primary challenge was developing a robust, accessible sales material repository that included a full suite of resources. Midway Staffing required a tailored deployment strategy that allowed for seamless integration of new sales representatives, ensuring they had immediate access to essential sales tools and could effectively represent Midway Staffing’s services from day one.

Strategic Partnership with Square Waves

In response to this challenge, Midway Staffing partnered with Square Waves to create a customized solution that would meet their unique needs. Our collaboration focused on developing a wide range of sales materials that were not only informative but also engaging and reflective of Midway Staffing's brand identity.

  1. Capabilities Decks: Designed to showcase Midway Staffing's comprehensive services and competitive advantages, enabling sales reps to convey the value proposition effectively.
  2. One-Pagers: Concise, impactful documents highlighting key services and benefits for quick reference during sales conversations.
  3. Drop-Off Material: Custom-branded material crafted for leave-behind purposes, ensuring Midway Staffing remained top of mind with potential clients.
  4. Trade Show Material: Engaging, visually appealing content prepared for tradeshows, enhancing brand visibility and attracting booth visitors.
  5. Email Campaigns: Tailored email templates created for various stages of the sales funnel, facilitating consistent communication and nurturing of prospects.

Execution and Results

Within a 90-day timeframe, Square Waves successfully developed and compiled the comprehensive sales repository, meticulously organizing it for easy access and deployment by the Director of Sales. This repository became an invaluable tool for Midway Staffing, equipping their expanded sales team with everything needed to hit the ground running.


The creation of the sales material repository had a profound impact on Midway Staffing's sales operations. The new sales representatives were able to quickly familiarize themselves with Midway Staffing's offerings, approach prospects with confidence, and consistently deliver compelling pitches. This strategic resource not only streamlined the onboarding process for new hires but also significantly enhanced the overall effectiveness and cohesion of the sales team.


The partnership between Midway Staffing and Square Waves exemplifies the power of strategic planning and custom solutions in supporting business expansion goals. By addressing the specific needs of Midway Staffing with a bespoke sales material repository and deployment strategy, Square Waves helped position Midway Staffing for continued growth and success in the competitive staffing industry.

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