Lavoro Services

Lavoro Services

Project Overview


Lavoro Services is a leading provider of union labor and final construction cleaning, aimed to reinforce its position as the primary resource for qualified union laborers.

Before Us:

Prior to engaging Square Waves, Lavoro did not have defined brand guidelines, marketing material for their sales efforts, and an outdated website.


In an industry with prominent competitors, we needed to stand out. Our team at Square Waves took a modern approach in order to position Lavoro differently.

The Start of a Partnership:

After brainstorming with key stakeholders, our team at Square Waves put together a digital & brand strategy for Lavoro. Once our plan was approved, we began the execution phase.


We started with a new logo, emphasizing the sleek and modern feeling Lavoro gives off.

New Material:

Once the brand guidelines were established and approved. Our team designed and ordered new Hard Hats, Vests and more.


Once Lavoro had a fresh brand and new uniforms, we wanted to capture the team in action so we could utilize custom assets for their Website, and new marketing material.

Marketing Material:


  • Clear brand messaging improved client experience
  • Enhanced sales collateral drove increased prospect interest
  • Improved communication with existing clients through email campaigns
  • Built consistent marketing material for the brand to use in various applications

Continued Partnership:

As we continue to support Lavoro, our team is focused on enhancing the sales teams efforts by continually building essential sales collateral and messaging.

Services provided:

  • Strategy
  • Branding (logo design and messaging)
  • Photo & Videograph
  • Sales Presentation(s)
  • Email Campaigns (design and deployment)
  • Website Re-design
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