Haumiller Engineering

Project Overview


Despite their outstanding reputation, Haumiller lacked digital presence. Understanding the importance of the digital landscape, the Haumiller team wanted to enhance brand awareness for recruiting and client acquisition.


Square Waves collaborated closely with the leadership team, initiating a comprehensive brand refresh. Our experts meticulously identified Haumiller's unique differentiators, paving the way for a strategic positioning in the market. Beyond a one-time fix, Square Waves became Haumiller's dedicated outsourced marketing department, ensuring ongoing success.

Through our multifaceted services, we turned challenges into opportunities, proving that a strong digital presence is the foundation for sustained growth. The Haumiller case exemplifies the impact of strategic collaboration and the transformative power of Square Waves.

Services Delivered:

  1. Brand & Marketing Strategy:

- Crafted a compelling narrative that resonated with Haumiller's essence.

  1. Website Design:

- Redesigned and optimized their digital presence, creating a user-centric platform.

  1. Brand Story and Photography:

- Showcased the company's culture and capabilities through professional photography.- Captured Haumiller's story in visually engaging videos, fostering a deeper connection.

  1. Graphic and Trade Show Design:

- Created visually stunning graphics that conveyed professionalism and innovation. Developed eye-catching displays, ensuring Haumiller stood out at industry events.

  1. Interior Branding Design:

- Transformed office spaces to reflect the brand identity, fostering a cohesive environment.

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