Project Overview


CompTIA, a global leader in tech association and certification, sought to highlight the transformative impact of its programs on individuals' careers. Their objective was to share the unique, inspiring journeys of those who have leveraged CompTIA certifications to advance professionally.


CompTIA faced the challenge of effectively communicating the real-life benefits and career advancements enabled by their certification programs. They aimed to capture and share these success stories in a way that resonated with both current and prospective participants, demonstrating the tangible value of CompTIA certifications.

Collaborative Project with Square Waves

To meet this challenge, CompTIA enlisted Square Waves for a focused project aimed at bringing these stories to light. Our mission was to design and execute a video production strategy that would authentically capture the experiences of individuals who have thrived thanks to CompTIA's programs.

  • Two-Day Video Shoot: Square Waves deployed a specialized video team to conduct on-site interviews over the course of two full days. Our objective was to create a comfortable, engaging environment where interviewees could share their stories openly and effectively.
  • Interviews with 10 Individuals: We carefully selected 10 participants with diverse backgrounds and success stories, ensuring a comprehensive representation of CompTIA's impact across different career paths and industries.

Execution and Results

The video shoot resulted in the creation of 39 high-quality videos, delivered in both landscape and portrait formats to maximize their utility across various platforms. This diverse content suite was designed for versatile use, including:

  • Social Media: Short-form videos tailored for sharing on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, engaging CompTIA's online community with compelling success stories.
  • Website: Longer format videos integrated into CompTIA’s website, providing in-depth narratives that prospective students and professionals could explore to understand the real-world value of CompTIA certifications.
  • Promotional Materials: Videos purposed for promotional use at events, in presentations, and through other marketing channels to highlight the achievements of CompTIA-certified professionals.


The video project significantly amplified CompTIA's ability to showcase the life-changing potential of its certification programs. By sharing authentic success stories, CompTIA has not only strengthened its brand credibility but also inspired a wider audience to pursue career advancement through certification. The content has enhanced engagement across social media and the website, driving interest in CompTIA programs and reinforcing the organization's position as a catalyst for tech career growth.


Square Waves' collaboration with CompTIA exemplifies how targeted video content can powerfully convey the successes and real-world impact of educational programs. This project has enabled CompTIA to effectively communicate the value of its certifications, fostering a deeper connection with its audience and encouraging more individuals to embark on their own journeys of professional development.

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