Why Square Waves uses Webflow (usually)

There isn’t a one size fits all solution for website design - but there are solutions that are better in most cases. Square Waves Creative Team finds Webflow to be that solution. Here are 5 + 1 reasons why we choose to design on Webflow in most cases.

  1. Faster iterations 

There’s a traditional flow of work when it comes to website development that makes a lot of sense in a lot of cases that includes steps that look something like the following: Discovery, Sitemap, Wireframe, Design, Development. Add a lot of meetings, approvals and edits in between most of those steps and the time adds up fast. With Webflow, iterations on those steps are astonishingly faster and in some cases can even cut out some of those steps. We find that this increase in efficiency allows us to lend more time to solving problems and creating better work overall. 

  1. Create like an Artist, think like an Engineer.

You can of course choose to build your site in raw technologies like HTML, CSS, JS and a backend language of your choosing or a headless option; however, in most cases this will just slow down the process with lack of good logic in doing so. Most of today’s site requirements can be met using tons of no-code tools available that allow for greater speed, scalability and lower up-front costs. With that being said, when you take out the increased coding time it opens a gap of what to use? Shopify, wordpress, squarespace, webflow, wix? Add on the hundreds of other options and there’s a real issue. Each of those are better at different things of course, but if design flexibility is what you’re looking for, webflow is your winner. There has never been a production-oriented platform that allows you to visually work with the full power of HTML and CSS in the way that Webflow does, which creates a scenario where if you have the background to think about HTML/CSS like an engineer but are allowed more room to be creative... you're unstoppable.

  1. Animations

Deeper into design flexibility you start to explore webflow’s powerful options for animations. Check out Webflow University course on how you can take an animation built in Adobe After Effects to a Lottie Animation that is animated on your site triggered by anything from user interaction to your imagination, or both. 

  1. Lack of plugins

This one is quick. If you’ve ever worked with wordpress you know that plugins are just eh. They serve their purpose, but if we can avoid them we do. Follow that tip and thank us later. 

  1. Amazing community

The Webflow team itself and the community that supports it is really second to none. Any question you’ll ever have there’s a support group out there that’s already solved it or an email away from helping you solve it. You really can’t beat it. The webflow community is basically a cult of design nerds (in a good way).

  1. Team/workspace dashboard for collaboration internally

I use the “/” because I still haven’t figured out the logic behind this pivot, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Webflow allows a dashboard for your agency to collaborate on sites in real time which is absolutely amazing and increases efficiency in a real way. It’s worth checking out for sure and while you’re doing that, if anyone at Webflow can tell us why we moved from team to workspace that’d be rad. 

The list could pretty much go on forever if you cover their CMS editor, dynamic content, client billing (sorta), and t-shirts that say “I make Websites” but we’ll end it here in hopes that you’ll be inspired to read up on it a bit more. If you have any questions on your journey into web design reach out to the Square Waves Team and we’ll be happy to chat!

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