February 3, 2021

3 Reasons Social Media Marketing is Worth It


February 3, 2021

When you seek marketing advice, many people will advise you to establish a social media presence. Is social media marketing, however, worthwhile? Is social media marketing for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) like yours effective?

We'll answer that question, as well as explain why you should engage in social media marketing and how you may get started. 

Is Social Media Worth the Hype? 

Yes. Social media marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with prospects who are interested in your brand, delivering targeted content, and cultivating relationships that lead to conversion.

This method is ideal for establishing a one-on-one relationship with prospects.

3 Reasons Why

1. Reach your people

Because your clients are already on social media, social media marketing is effective. Hundreds of millions (if not billions) of individuals use these platforms on a regular basis. So, why not reach out to them where they spend the majority of their time?

Here are a few examples of social media usage statistics:

Over 65% of Adults in the U.S. use Facebook
63% of people check Instagram daily
Over 645 million people use LinkedIn

2. Increase Brand Recognition

You can connect with people who are interested in your business when you invest in social media marketing. They follow you on social media and see your updates. As a result, they will recognize your brand.

They become acquainted with your company, products, and services. This familiarity allows customers trust your brand and be confident in making purchases from you. When it's time to convert, they'll remember your firm and choose you because of it.

3. Compete

So, what's the point of social media marketing? The simple answer is that your competitors are doing it. You're already behind your competitors if you're not on social media.

Your competitors are already using social media to form connections. To keep up with — and compete with — your competition, you need to grow your brand on social media.

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